Automatic packaging machines

Fill, close, seal. But also handle, garnish, decorate.
These are just some of the production functions of the range "Automatic packaging machines". Machines of different sizes and production capacities, designed to offer the same guarantee: the quality of design and construction.
Modular and flexible solutions that enable extremely rapid function and format changes. A range of products whose main goal is to maximize the productive capacity of our customers.

Like all our products, these machines comply with the food machinery regulations and the EU directives


Customized solutions

Together we face and overcome the contests that our customers offer us daily, from the most technically complicated to the simplest but creative and involving. It is very challenging but exciting.
From farmers in Haute-Savoie with their unique and delicate product to the state-owned company in Egypt, from a new custard in Bordeaux, where wine is king, to the very high standards of large international groups.
Unique machines, never the same that, in most cases, offer an effective solution to the problems and production needs of our customers.

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